Counselling and development clinic dubai icon Welcome to the Counselling & Development Clinic. We are truly passionate about our clinical work. We derive enormous personal satisfaction from helping others to help themselves. We try our best to create an empathetic therapeutic environment that is non-judgmental and client-focused. Our approach is very open, honest and always encourages power-sharing. We are specialized in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of a wide range of psychological problems affecting adults, children and families...

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About Dr. McCarthy

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Dr. McCarthy obtained her doctorate in Clinical Psychology in France. She is licensed by the Department of Health and Medical Services and established her own private practice called the Counselling and Development Clinic in Jumeirah 3. The clinic provides counselling services to individuals, families, couples, groups, and people of all ages, including children and adolescents. With her vast experience both in Europe and the Middle East, she works in English, French, Persian, Arabic and Turkish...

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Researches and Articles

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Dr. R. McCarthy, in her capacity as an impressive female psychologist, has many articles, publications, researches and books in the UAE and abroad. Some of her publications include "The Science of love at first sight", "How UAE school kids get their dope", "Fears and phobias in children", "Treatment lags for eating disorders", "Grown-up get-ups", "Disturbing trend: Swinging Couples in the UAE" as well as a new book that cautions children against abuse...

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